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If you have a business, you need to answer one important question: Do you have a website for your business? If you don’t, you need to get one. For any business to market and sell products or services online, they have to do it via the web. The most important step after designing your website is to find a web hosting company. These are the companies that will store your web files on their servers and deliver the web content to their online clients via internet browsers. This hosting company review will help you choose the best hosting company that will drive your online business to a new height.

Types Of Web Hosting Plans

You need to familiarize yourself with types of web hosting plans that are available. The most important ones are WordPress, shared, dedicated and virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans. Each of these plans will be discussed in this hosting company review giving you the different features of each that you should understand.

Shared hosting plan is when the provider hosts many sites on one single server. For example, Site W shares a server with Site X, Site Y, Site Z etc. VPS hosting plan is almost similar to shared hosting where many websites share one server. The difference is that, one server hosts fewer sites and each site uses its own resources. The dedicated hosting plan is powerful and expensive. It is mostly for websites that need a large amount of server resources. The WordPress hosting plan is for those who want their sites to run on the popular content management system called WordPress. It is easy to use since activities are automatically handled at the back end without you having to do anything.

Web Hosting Features

Webhostreviewers always focus on hosting plan features to determine the best hosting package. Most hosting companies give limited features in their simple packages and expand for higher hosting plans. Some of these features include the storage capacity. Decide how much storage capacity you need. Best plan should offer unlimited storage. Amount of bandwidth required is the amount of data that can be allowed to be uploaded or downloaded by the host provider. Choose a plan that offers unlimited bandwidth.

Be sure to check out the number of the domain and subdomain allowed- to support your future online investments where a new domain or subdomain will be required. The number of email accounts permitted and email features like webmail interfaces is a must to check out as well. Database support is also crucial as most modern websites have or need a database. Go for web hosts that offer the best uptime. Visitors need to access your site at all times without inconveniences. Anything can go wrong and you might lose all your website data. Free and reliable site backup is a feature worthy of consideration. Lastly, you should get 24/7 support service. All these features will help you establish and grow your business online.

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Web Hosting Review: In Conclusion

Hosting company review will help both newbies and experienced web developer choose the right web hosting packages. It is very important to check the reviews before you can purchase any hosting services. You cannot search all the hosting companies and review them all on your own. Just like all other review site, we are here to make your work easy by doing the hard work and finding you the best hosting services and making a list for you to choose from. Choose well before hosting your website.

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