Shared Hosting – What Is It And Why I Should Try It?

Shared Web Hosting – What Is It About?

In simple terms, shared hosting enables multiple websites to utilize resources on a single server. In most cases, you’ll have no clue which websites you’re sharing the server with. However, each customer has a set maximum on the amount of server resources they can utilize. This type of hosting is the cheapest and the most economical option of hosting especially for start-up or medium-sized businesses. Given that most hosting providers offer you the same amount of storage space, it’s vital to select a provider you can trust.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

As we’ve mentioned before, shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting with many providers charging between $2.99-$9.99 which is affordable. What’s more, most providers will offer you a variety of packages. The smallest package may come with low disk space and bandwidth, but you can always upgrade as your website grows. Moreover, most hosting companies or providers will offer you a variety of features which may improve the functionality of your website. These include forums, chat or even blogs.

On the flip side, performance is an issue when it comes to using shared hosting. As such, the server can sometimes be overburdened by the sites that share the server. Another issue is that to enforce security and high uptime percentages of the server, file restrictions may be implemented which means that you may be unable to run specific applications that are required on your website. Also, there are resource restrictions that are meant to prevent sites from eating up too much space or bandwidth which may make your site not to attain its highest level of performance.

Are There Other Hosting Options

Apart from shared hosting, other common types of web hosting include dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting. Dedicated hosting contrasts with shared web hosting in that only one server is used by a single customer and no one else. VPS hosting is a ‘meet me halfway’ kind of a thing between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. As such, the server is spit in partitions so that each user can have his or her own resources to use.An example of web hosting service provider adored by many is Miss Hosting. Read on to find out why it’s a darling for many.

Miss Hosting is a company dedicated to hosting services and offers 24/7 support which is great for the web hosting industry. The web hosting provider offers you shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and Magento hosting services. What’s more, the company offers SEO services that are secure. If you wish to migrate your website to Miss Hosting server, it won’t cost you anything, and you can even get support for it. The pricing is quite affordable and many users have claimed that they never experience downtime or server issues.

Shared hosting allows allows users to share server resources.

Shared Hosting – In A Nutshell

Shared hosting is an awesome option for website owners running on a small budget, or those that are just joining the online community. It’s affordable and comes with a variety of packages such that you can upgrade to a higher package with time. However, in terms of performance, it can let you down occasionally. Consequently, if you’re website is getting a lot of traffic which the shared hosting server can’t handle, you can always migrate to other options such as dedicated or VPS hosting albeit at a higher fee.

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